2015 Medical Student Research Scholars

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., Steven R. Schwid, MD Research Scholar
Katelynn M. Wilton
Dr. Adam Schrum
Role of TCR/CD3 Signaling in TMEV-induced Demyelination:  Selection of an Immunodominant Peptide
Biogen Research Scholars
Matthew Adamson
Dr. Robert Motl
Physical Activity After a Relapse in MS:  An Exploratory Study
Rahil Dharia
Dr. Mirela Cerghet
Analysis of white matter tracts of resting state cognitive networks in Multiple Sclerosis
Jaes Jones
Dr. Francois Bethoux
Outcomes of Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy in Ambulatory Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Joshua Lee
Dr. E. Ann Yeh
Burden and course of fatigue in pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
Simona Nedelcu
Dr. Carolina Ionete
Microbiota in MS
Frances Foley Memorial Research Scholar
Darshan Pandya
Dr. Unsong Oh
Cyclophilin inhibition to reduce disease burden in an animal model of multiple sclerosis
Genentech Research Scholars
Joss Cohen
Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman
The effects of comorbid allergies on the physical and psychosocial outcomes on Multiple Sclerosis patients – a Th/Th2 paradigm of autoimmune disease
Andrew Galica
Dr. Carolina Ionete
Effects of Noise-based Intervention on Complexity of Postural Control in Multiple Sclerosis
Daniel Hewes
Dr. Horea Rus
SIRT1 as a potential marker of disease activity and response to treatment with Glatiramer Acetate in Multiple Sclerosis
Katie Holroyd
Dr. Ellen M. Mowry
The role of ancillary testing in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis:  evaluating the utility of optical coherence tomography and blood testing
Andrew Kuo
Dr. Joyce A. Benjamin and
Dr. Robert P. Lisak
Effect of ACTH on the Oligodendroglia Differentiation Pathway with Regards to Myelin Formation
James Malleis
Dr. Paula Dore-Duffy
Effect of mild hypoxia on T Cell subset in EAE
Jieqing Xu
Dr. Anthony Traboulsee
Evaluation of rituximab as treatment for Neuromyelitis Optica
Genzyme Research Scholars
Jemima Akinsanya
Dr. Mary Ann Picone
Yoga for the Treatment of Sleep Disturbances in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Sonya U. Steele
Dr. Daniel S. Reich
Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Clinical Findings in Health, Genetically Characterized Asymptomatic First-Degree Relative of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Carol Swetlik
Dr. Jeffrey Cohen
Association between DTI Measure, Conventional MRI measure, and Functional Impairment in MS Patients Transplanted with Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Inserra Family Research Scholar
Matthew Mackenzie Dooley
Dr. J. William Lindsey
Role of anti-Epstein Barr virus gH protein antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis