I hope to attend the annual meeting next year! Everyone who came to my poster or who I spoke with over lunch or at a session was very friendly and encouraging. This group of professionals are people who I’d really like to work with, and they all were addressing research with a patient-focused mindset which is really important to me in a future career.

Delaney Cairns – Medical Student Research Scholar, Presenter at the 2022 Annual Meeting

I had not worked with patients living with MS prior to this project, and this meeting helped me better understand and learn about how many people truly are working, at so many different sites, from many different areas of expertise, to help these patients. It helped me better understand the level of growth and initiative for teamwork in this specialty, which is something I will keep in mind as I continue to explore this career path.

Priyanka Algu - Medical Student Research Scholar, Presenter at the 2022 Annual Meeting

This experience was eye opening to say the least. While many ground breaking advancements have been made in multiple sclerosis research, there is still so much to learn and investigate in order to understand how we can one day beat this disease. I thoroughly enjoyed my research experience and it has certainly greatly influenced my goals as to the kind of clinician I aspire to be.

Omar Alaina - Medical Student Research Scholar, Presenter at the 2022 Annual Meeting

As a mentor in the Medical Student Research program I have to say that this Workforce of the Future program is very important and needed.  It is one of the few programs which give us the possibility of mentoring medical students and this is very important in creating the next generation of leaders in MS. (more…)

Horea Rus, MD, PhD- Professor of Neurology University of Maryland, Medical Student Research Program Mentor

I was touched by the consistent focus on the patient with MS, not just the disease. While CMSC’s focus was on education, treatment, and innovation surrounding MS, the patient was never forgotten. The respect and concern for each patient’s experience and symptoms was remarkable. Patients will benefit from the 2018 CMSC conference. 

Randy Sims LPC, BSN, RN , June Halper Nurses Scholar

As radiology resident attending the CMSC Annual Meeting stimulated my interest in Neuroradiology.  Learning about the clinical aspect of MS has really put perspectives on the importance of medical imaging finds on decision making and treatment selection.   (more…)

Anonymous, Resident Scholar and Mentorship Participant

My participation at the CMSC meeting has helped me to continue my interest in MS and apply learned techniques to treat patients with MS.  In addition, the meeting gave me insight to taking a holistic approach to treating patients. Attending the IOMSRT dinner and rehab roundtable provided me the opportunity to see what other students’ interest and career goals are and beneficial to make connections to learn from others.


Brittany Burbell, MS Rehab Student Annual Meeting Scholar

I just wanted to thank you again for the mentorship program. This was the best program I have ever attended for residents/fellows in MS. Dr. Graves and Sicotte provided us with truly relevant information on the field as well as career development. (more…)

Nina Bozinov, MD , Resident Scholar and Mentorship Participant

I am a second year resident at the University of Toledo. I was fortunate to attend this program and I am thankful to each and every one of you for giving me this opportunity to be part of MS society. I was deeply influenced seeing great work done in this specialty.  (more…)

Nurose Karim, MD, Mentorship Forum Scholar

Thank you to the FCMSC for the training opportunity. It was an amazing experience and the staff at the Cleveland clinic were outstanding. It was a unique and valuable learning opportunity that I’m grateful for. I have already begun implementing some of the things I’ve learned into my patient care.

Elizabeth Nixon, MS Rehab Scholar