Horea Rus, MD, PhD – Mentor Medical Student Research Program

As a mentor in the Medical Student Research program I have to say that this Workforce of the Future program is very important and needed.  It is one of the few programs which give us the possibility of mentoring medical students and this is very important in creating the next generation of leaders in MS.As a consequence of their positive experiences one of the many students I mentored in this program has now applied for a residency in neurology.  I know from this student that the program was critical for him in making this decision and I hope he will become someday an MS neurologist.

 I am also grateful to the program for allowing me to be part of the program and helping my effort to mentor medical students.  Choosing the next step in their career can be challenging and we have to show them that MS neurology is an attractive option.

 I really enjoyed all these years in which I was able to mentor many students with the help of this program.