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  • Thank you to the FCMSC for the training opportunity. It was an amazing experience and the staff at the Cleveland clinic were outstanding. It was a unique and valuable learning opportunity that I’m grateful for. I have already begun implementing some of the things I’ve learned into my patient care.

    Elizabeth Nixon MS Rehab Scholar
  • The CMSC Annual Meeting in was an amazing learning opportunity for me as a MSCN candidate.  I enjoyed the fundamental classes as they gave me a good background to the clinical skills and knowledge this past year in MS clinic.  There were so many learning opportunities with the different types of programs offered. (more…)

    Gilbert Gallegos, RN, MSCN June Halper Nurse Scholar
  • The knowledge I gained during my mentorship was the opportunity to work with people on the cutting edge of neurology research.  I learned how to better conduct literature review and design a research project.  The team I worked with everyone brought their own perspective and expertise to the table. I really appreciated the opportunity to complete research in multiple sclerosis. (more…)

    Mindy Chen Medical Research Student Scholar
  • As a MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training Program Scholar I am honored to have been chosen to experience this week full of learning and exposure to this MS comprehensive care model. I am thankful for the team at the MS Clinic, OPTIMUS, South Health Campus and MS Society for welcoming us and exposing us to this unique model of care (more…)

    Alexis Williams, PT
  • Through my years in MS, I have mentored many promising young individuals just as others mentored me.  There have been disappointments when talented residents and fellows leave MS because of lack of opportunities for young faculty.

    Robert P. Lisak, MD, FRCP (UK), FAAN, FANA FCMSC Board of Trustees, CMSC Past-President
  • My participation at the CMSC annual meeting was an excellent networking and educational opportunity as I am starting my MS fellowship. There were good non-biased presentations on different aspects of MS care.”

    The sessions that provided the most professional value to me were (more…)

    Tiffani Stroup, DO
  • Being able to participate at the CMSC annual meeting has been a wonderful and extremely helpful experience.  It has further increased my interest in the field of MS, realizing the true scale of ongoing MS research and innovation in the management. I am considering a fellowship in MS and participating in this meeting has further reinforced that idea.

    Rahul Shah, MD
  • I attended the MASTER MS course and it was probably the best educational experience I have had as a resident.  It was well-run and the faculty were amazing.  It was truly an honor to have such close interactions with the nation’s leaders in MD.  I plan on encouraging several of our residents to apply for the course next year because of the great experience.

    Melanie Ward, MD
  • The meeting aided in my career path by offering an opportunity to review the most current treatment strategies and drugs in development.  Other useful information included the in-depth session on symptom management.  (more…)

    Matthew Tremblay, MD, PhD
  • The CMSC meeting was an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge of multiple sclerosis pathology and treatment.  During the meeting I attended several lecture symposia that exposed me to both well-established and future directions of multiple sclerosis research. (more…)

    Brittani Conway, MD
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