Clinician-Scientist Fellowship 2019-2021

The applications for the Clinician Scientist fellowship are no longer being accepted.

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) Research Committee is pleased to announce a new two-year Clinician-Scientist Development Award to support a clinician Fellow’s research related to multiple sclerosis. The fellowship is supported by the Foundation of the CMSC (FCMSC) through a grant from EMD Serono, Inc. The Fellowship award will consist of $85,000 per year. Only direct costs will be funded by this award.

Application Process:

  • Review the program details below.
  • Complete the MS Clinician Scientist Application Form and supporting materials (please see Materials for Application below)
  • Please send the application materials via email to or fax to 866-920-6813.



Program Details:



  • Degree in medicine (MD or DO) from an accredited institution
  • Licensed to practice medicine in the United States or Canada
  1. Applicants must have completed residency training but be no more than three years from completion of residency when funding begins.
  2. There is no citizenship requirement; however, the individual applying for the award must be licensed to practice medicine in the United States and/or Canada at the time of application
  3. Applicant must perform this training at a CMSC member institution in the United States or Canada.


Submit to or Fax to 866-920-6813.

  1. Fellowship Reference form 
  2. Biographical sketch / Current curriculum vitae (may not exceed four pages)
  3. Letter of nomination from the chair of the Department of Neurology, including assurance that clinical service responsibilities will be restricted to no more than 20 percent of the awardees’ time.
  4. Three-page research plan, including brief statement of aims, background, and the contemplated approaches to methodology and data. Relevance to multiple sclerosis is a criterion for application. The research plan should be written by the applicant and should represent his/her original work. However, the applicant is expected and encouraged to develop this plan based on discussion with the proposed mentor. It is appropriate for the proposed work to be specifically related to the mentor’s ongoing research, but not required.
  5. Two letters of reference supporting the applicant’s potential for a clinical academic research career and qualifications for the fellowship. Letters of reference are in addition to the director’s/chair’s letter.
  6. Listing of the applicant’s and mentors current and pending support, other than this fellowship, using NIH format.
  7. Letter from proposed mentor detailing his/her support of and commitment to the applicant and the proposed MS research and training plan. The letter should specifically indicate the mentor’s role in the development and preparation of the applicant’s research plan.
    The letter should describe:

    • How the proposed research fits into the mentor’s research program.
    • Relevance to multiple sclerosis
    • Expertise and experience in the area of research proposed and the nature of the mentor’s proposed time commitment to the supervision and training of the applicant.
    • Mentor’s prior experience in the supervision, training, and successful mentoring of clinician-scientists.
    • Potential for applicant’s future research career and comparison of applicant amongst other residents.
    • More than one mentor is permitted. One mentor should be designated as primary and be responsible for administrative issues
  8. Proposed mentor’s Biosketch/ curriculum vitae.
  9. Document describing arrangements for formal course work to include: quantitative clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, study design, data analysis, and ethics.
    Documentation must outline:

    • Hours and content of the proposed formal instruction
    • Availability of tutorial assistance for the research project
    • Computer approaches to statistical analysis at the host institution


Applications are evaluated by a review committee composed of members of the Clinical Research Committee of the CMSC and leadership of the FCMSC.

  • Applicant’s ability and promise as an MS clinician-scientist based on previous training and career plan, letters of reference, and curriculum vitae (30 percent)
  • Quality and nature of the training to be provided and the institutional, departmental, and mentor-specific training environment (30 percent)
  • Quality and originality of the research plan (40 percent)

Evaluations will be forwarded to the FCMSC and designated committee within the CMSC Research Committee for final determination of the award. Funding begins within 30 days after executing a signed agreement with the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and the recipient’s institution.


An annual progress report is due based upon date of initial funding. Renewal of the award in year two is contingent upon review and approval of the progress report. Additionally, a final research report and a final expenditure report are due within 60 days following the close of the grant term. The institution must prepare the final expenditure report.

Citations of source of funding are required on all presentations and publications derived from the Fellowship. 


All applications and supporting materials must be received by December 28, 2018.  Successful applicants will be notified of their selection on February 1, 2019 in anticipation of a start date of July 2019

*Clinical research is defined as “patient-oriented research conducted with human subjects, or translational research specifically designed to develop treatments or enhance diagnosis of neurological disease. These areas of research include epidemiologic or behavioral studies, clinical trials, studies of disease mechanisms, the development of new technologies, and health services and outcomes research.” Disease-related studies not directly involving humans or human tissue also are encouraged if the primary goal is the development of therapies, diagnostic tests, or other tools to prevent or mitigate neurological disease.

Return All completed materials via email to C. Bobowski, FCMSC
Fax: 866-920-6813


Application Form