Medical Student Research Scholarship Program (2024-2025)





The Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (FCMSC) established Scholarships for the MS Workforce of the Future  to encourage healthcare trainees to become more familiar with MS and its treatment and to consider pursuing advanced specialization training in MS.  Research in this area is vitally important to help in the learning process.  Medical students who are currently learning about MS are invited to apply for a scholarship to complete a specific research project that can be shared with their peers, mentors and other health professionals. 

A limited number of $7,500 scholarships are available to fund MS research projects conducted at CMSC member institutions.  Each scholarship includes $5,000 for 2024/25 research project and $2,500 toward scholar presentation expenses at the 2025 CMSC Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Research Project Scholarship funding will be administered and budgeted by the CMSC member institution conducting the study.  Presentation scholarships will be granted directly to participating students.

Program mentors and recipients, if in attendance, will be recognized on-site at the CMSC Annual Meeting through meeting materials, signage and at a recognition awards reception, with grant support for awards appropriately acknowledged.

Project results will be displayed in a dedicated FCMSC Scholar poster area at the 2024 CMSC Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, May 28-31, 2025.  All scholarship awardees are required to submit an abstract of project results which will be recognized in the Scholar Recognition publication distributed by the FCMSC. 


Eligibility and Guidelines:

  • Student applicants must be currently enrolled and actively training in an accredited medical school program and should arrange a proposed research program with a mentor at a CMSC member center prior to submitting their application.
  • Research proposals should follow the scientific method with a stated hypothesis, aims, background, methods, and analysis plan. The proposals must be written by the students; mentors should review to ensure a feasible and testable hypothesis and project.
  • Research should focus on the clinical and translational aspects of human research. Basic science research would not typically be funded. Quality improvement projects would also not typically be funded.
  • Medical student research should most often coincide with the interval in medical school where students are able to work on their project full time over several months.
  • The proposed project should be of such a length that results can be submitted by the abstract deadline date of March 28, 2025. 

Evaluation Process:

The application and selection process will be administered independently of grantors through a board review process of the Foundation of the CMSC and the CMSC Research Committee.  Scholarship funds are limited.  Applications are now being accepted.  Deadline for all applications is April 12, 2024.