2014 Medical Student Research Scholars

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc – Steven Schwid, MD Memorial Research Scholar
Jyotsna Mullur
Dr. Peter Riskind and
Dr. Carolina Ionete
Analysis of the 25 Foot Times Walk Test as a Predictive Factor in Multiple Sclerosis
FCMSC – June Halper Research Scholar
Hunter Vincent
Dr. Mary Ann Picone
Utilizing Technology to Improve Patient Adherence and Professional Patient Monitoring for at-home exercise program in patients with Multiple Sclerosis
FCMSC Robert P. Lisak, MD Research Scholar
Kimberly Pater
Dr. John Lindsey
Autoimmunity to Mitochondrial Proteins in Multiple Sclerosis
Genentech Research Scholars
Matthew M. Engelhard
Dr. Myla Goldman
Toward a probabilistic, adaptive assessment of mobility of multiple sclerosis: An item response theory based evaluation of the MSWS-12
Derek Sears
Dr. Elliot M. Frohman
Ocular Motor Pathophysiologic Signatures of Cognitive Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
Yue (Carrie) Zhao
Dr. Robert Bermel
Optical coherence tomography measurement of progressive retinal nerve fiber layer degeneration in optic neuritis
Genzyme Corporation Research Scholars
Benjamin Laitman
Dr. Gareth John
The Functional Role of Kruppel-like factor 6 Targets in Oligodendrocyte Differentiation
Mihaela Dan Privoaica
Dr. Helen Tremlett
Temporal Changes in Demographics of Multiple Sclerosis
Inserra Family Research Scholar
Richard Dewey
Dr. Elliot M. Frohman
Investigatin of the Architecture of the Retinal-Hypothalamic Nervous System
Foundation of the CMSC Research Scholars
Vaishak Amblee
Dr. Robert Naismith
Longitudinal analyses of Ambulatory Impairment and of Cognitive Decline by Thalamic Atrophy
Laura Anzaldi
Dr. Adam Kaplin
Tracking Purpose in Life of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Who Are Members of an Online Support Network
Lukmon Babajide
Dr. Fatma Gul
Effectiveness of Medtronic Intrathecal Manager in spasticity management (myPTM)
Kayleigh Mei Lin Da
Dr. Galina Vorobeychik
Evaluation of Education in MS patients based on Learning Preferences and Expectations
Azmin Kahriman
Dr. Carolina Ionete
Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors by JCV Antibody Seroconversion of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Adam M. Kruszewski
Dr. Horea Rus
RG-32 as a potential marker of relapses and response to treatment with Glatiramer Acetate in Multiple Sclerosis