2012 Medical Student Research Scholars

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc – Steven Schwid, MD Memorial Research Scholarship
Rajarshi Mazumder
Dr. Michelle Cameron
Validation of the Falls Efficacy Scale-International in People with MS
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals – June Halper Research Scholarship
Sirisha Grandhe
Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant
Environnmental Risk Factors for Pediatric Neuromyelitis Optica
FCMSC Robert P. Lisak, MD Research Scholarship
Divya Gupta
Dr. Anne Cross
Determining the presence of ectopic lymphoid follicles in MS patients
Genzyme Corporation
James Gill
Dr. Galina Vorobeychik
Comparison of cognitive screening tests of MOCA, SDMT, and MSQN in patients with MS
Thomas Hurst
Dr. Robert Bermel
Role of Intestinal Microbiotia in Multiple Sclerosis
Kesav Raghavan
Dr. Tanuja Chitnis
Demographic Characteristics and Progression of PPMS in the CLIMB Study Population
Cong Yu
Dr. Robert Naismith
Correlational Studies involving Neurodegeneration Tracking from Acute MS Lesions
Inserra Family
Nakul Sheth
Dr. Susan C. Feldman
Functional Brain Imaging and development of a new biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis