Accomplishments of a Foundation Scholar

The Foundation of the CMSC is focused on building an expert MS “Workforce of the Future.”  Our programs expand opportunities for important pilot research initiatives, often in areas and disciplines that receive less attention from other organizations and funding sources. These pilot studies can lead to larger efforts answering important questions about MS.  This story is about a past Foundation Scholar who took his research in 2019 to new levels as he went beyond the initial scholar research project.

Graham Cochrane was an MD/PhD student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who received the FCMSC Medical Student Research Scholarship in 2018.  He worked with his mentor through 2019 for his initial research project, Relationship between Fatigue and Vestibular from Function in Persons with MS. This research proved to be valuable as it led to interest from medical professionals around the world; they were eager to hear more from him!

Working with his mentor (Motl, RW) and colleague (Christy, JB), their work has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 2021 and Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 2021.  He has given multiple presentations on the work at national conferences:  the American Neurological Association 2020 Virtual Meeting; the Vestibular Oriented Research Meeting 2021 Virtual Meeting; and the Johns Hopkins Center for Hearing and Balance Seminar.  Finally, he was selected to be interviewed for a podcast from the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Degenerative Disease Special Interest Group. 

The 2021 CMSC Annual Meeting will be held in Orlando, FL, October 25-28.  Graham will be not be available to present his research poster, however, his mentor, Dr. Robert W Motl is committed to present it on behalf of Graham.  If you go to the meeting, be sure to view his poster!

Graham has been busy!  We applaud him for his continued interest in MS to help make the lives the best they can be for people with MS.  Thank you Graham!