2020 MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training Application




These 35-hour on-site training courses offers specialized training programs for rehabilitation professionals and graduate students in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language pathology.  The rehabilitation program is for professionals and professionals-in-training who want to learn more about rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis.  The program is not designed for experience professionals who have completed MSCS certification or have extensive experience in MS.

Program Background:

This program was established to support additional training and to stimulate excellence and growth in the delivery of rehabilitation in the field of MS. In addition, the program will promote the CMSC’s core value of the need for comprehensive care for people living with MS. Click on the link below for more in-depth details and eligibility requirements.On-site MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training programs are scheduled at selected CMSC MS Centers in the United States and Canada. This program will be offered during the first half of 2020 calendar year with dates to be confirmed soon. All programs will be conducted by expert multidisciplinary faculty. Each Rehab program site will accommodate four MS Program Scholars. Each trainee participant will be provided with scholarships funds to be used for travel, lodging, meals and incidentals.

Program Details:

Each scholar will participate in a total of 35 hours of training covering all aspects of comprehensive care provided at a MS center.  Applicants must hold appropriate licensure, certification and/or registrations in the state/province of their current employment OR be currently enrolled in an accredited  rehabilitation graduate program and be prepared to spend 5-7 days (including travel) for the program.  Trainees must stay through completion of the program, no exceptions.  Areas of education may include:

  1. Medical management in MS – neurological and nursing care
  2. Exposure to psychosocial services
  3. Wellness services or referral for health promotion
  4. MS-Specific rehabilitation programs  *  60 minute overview for each discipline-basics to advanced as identified by the fellows prior to the site visit [3 hr]  *  Patient interaction
  5. Active clinical research programs [discussion and/or participation in ongoing program]
  6. Exposure to seating and mobility clinics
  7. Spasticity interventions

Application Deadline: 

Applications should be submitted by the rehabilitation professional or professionals-in-training.  The application and selection process will be administered independently of grantors through a board review process of the CMSC and the CMSC Rehabilitation Special Interest Group. 

Submit application form to Cindy Bobowski via:
Fax:  (866) 920-6813
Email:  cindy@cmscfoundation.org
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Application Form:


Click here to Download the Application form in PDF     Click here to Download the Application form in Word