Susan E Bennett MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training Sites 2023


Susan E Bennett MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training Sites 2023


There is a national shortage of Rehabilitation Specialists knowledgeable about the rehabilitative needs for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). To address this shortage, The Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) is proud to continue with the Susan E Bennett MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training program.  Now in its’ 13th year, programs of this type have been established to encourage growth and excellence in the comprehensive clinical care of MS.

This call for applications seeks letters of interest from qualified CMSC Comprehensive Care Center training sites for the 2023 MS Rehabilitation Therapy Specialty Training Program.  We welcome letters of interest from potential training sites. Training sites must be vetted and approved prior to commencement of the MS Mental Health Mentorship program annually.


The training sites will provide Rehabilitation professionals with a special interest or specialty in MS with new information about challenges of the disease.  Eligibility is limited to Rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational, speech) recent to MS work who have not previously been awarded and completed an MS Rehabilitation Program scholarship.  Trainee applicants will be required to hold appropriate licensure, certification and/or registration in the state/province of their current employment or be currently enrolled in an accredited rehabilitation graduate program and be prepared to spend 5-7 days (including travel) for the program.  Each trainee participant will be provided with scholarship funds for travel and lodging expenses.

Each selected site is required to have a Rehabilitation professional provide oversight for the overall training/curriculum, that is approved by the MS Center director. This mentorship program will pair the staff rehabilitation experts with the trainees who are contemplating a focus on multiple sclerosis.  Mentors will share their knowledge and experience with trainees over the five-day mentorship experience.

Funding for three Rehabilitation training sites is available, with training sessions expected to take place between June 1 and Dec 31, 2023. An allocation of $7,500 will be available to each site; the site receiving $5,000 and the Rehabilitation Program Director receiving $2,500.

The exact dates are at the discretion of each selected site. A total of up to twelve MS professionals will be selected to participate in specialized MS training with expert multidisciplinary faculty at three CMSC member institutions. Each selected site will provide two 5-day training experiences for a total of four trainees (2 per week). 

Training Site Criteria
To be considered as a Training Site the following criteria must be met:

  • Must be a member of the CMSC and offer multidisciplinary comprehensive MS care, staffed with licensed rehabilitation professionals in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language pathology. (For more information about becoming a CMSC member, contact Marguerite Herman, 201-487-1050, X105 or email  To check if your center is a CMSC member, contact Ryan Francia at 201-487-1050, x103 or email
  • A letter of interest is due to the CMSC by March 3, 2023. It must be accompanied with a statement of support from the site’s Director or Department head which should include: 
    • What programs/clinics of the comprehensive center will the trainees be exposed to?
    • List of professionals (with credentials) that the trainees will be able to observe/interact with during their time in your clinic.
    • A rough outline of the curriculum or proposed schedule you will provide for the trainees.  See proposed sample curriculum/outline.*
  • Training sites must have administrative capability to schedule sessions, contact participants, and provide information regarding available local lodging and program logistics. Each trainee participant will be responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements based on information provided by the site coordinator.
  • Approved training sites will receive a site fee of $$7500 ($5000 for the site and $2,500 for the Program Director) to compensate site training costs which may be utilized by your program to provide trainer honoraria and expenses for program administration. Per the Sunshine Act reporting requirements, documentation will be required on portions of your site fee funds supporting food or other fees for HCPs presenting or participating in the program. This includes any HCP (prescribing or not).  A reporting form will be provided at the completion of the sessions. (Trainee participants will complete their own Sunshine Act report form).
  • Complete the application form below, attach the documentation requested above and submit via email or fax to:  Nancy Chazen, FCMSC Program Administrator, or fax to 866-920-6813.

Click here to Download the Rehab Training Site Form in PDF     Click here to Download the Rehab Training Site Form in Word

*Sample curriculum/outline will include:

  1. Medical Management in MS – neurological and nursing care
  2. Exposure to psychosocial services
  3. Wellness services or referral for health promotion
  4. MS-Specific rehabilitation programs
    – 60-minute overview for discipline – basics to advance as identified by the trainees prior to the site visit
    – Patient interaction
  5. Active clinical research programs (discussion and/or participation in ongoing program)
  6. Exposure to seating and mobility clinics
  7. Spasticity interventions 

DEADLINE:  March 3, 2023

Sites will be notified of their award by early April, 2023.

Thank you for your collaboration with the FCMSC and CMSC, and your role in promoting the best and latest care in multiple sclerosis!


Lacey Bromley PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, MSCS. Chair of the Special Interest Group for the IOMSRT
Nancy Chazen and Cindy Bobowski, Foundation Staff