MS Mentorship Forum Scholarship

In 2015, the Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers brought together a forum of neurology residents and Fellows with a common goal – an interest in learning more about research and treatment for multiple sclerosis. Some had personal motivations – loved one with MS. Some were fascinated by the many new opportunities for advances in learning more and treating this challenging disease. Almost all had questions that were not easily answered by colleagues who were not in their specific situation.

The MS Mentorship forum live programs and web brings together experienced mentors at the top of their field in MS and neuroimmunology research diagnosis and treatment. The opportunity for both professional and personal advice from those who have worked in MS for 30 years as well as those recently completing Fellowships and just launching their careers created a unique platform for learning and sharing.

Supported by a medical education grant from Biogen through the Foundation of the CMSC, this program hopes to reach far more trainees than those able to participate in 2015 live meetings. This site brings together technical presentations, literature and educational resources and “words to the wise” from those who have crafted their own futures in the field.